Microsoft Excel Basics

Learn Microsoft Excel Basics with text and video tutorials

Author/Instructor: LeadLeap

Accounting Techniques For Entrepreneurs

The learning outline assumes zero knowledge of accounting and finance. Hence, it commences from the rudimentary aspect of accounting and finance and gradually dovetailed into intermediate knowledge and fluidly moved to the advanced managerial role of stewardship and reporting.

Author/Instructor: Sam Ojeme

Business Communication Skills For Entrepreneurs and Managers

The learning content adopts a practical approach in taking participants through the methods and formats of business communication in modern business usage. Also, the designed outline links processes, methods and formats fluidly with the advanced managerial role of speech, correspondence, and report

Author/Instructor: Sam Ojeme

Business Research and Analysis Techniques For Entrepreneurs and Managers

This learning outline is designed to equip managers and entrepreneurs with the skill to conduct and understand research report and harness them for policy decision making that will take business to higher levels of productivity and profitability. Zero knowledge of research is assumed. Therefore, th

Author/Instructor: Sam Ojeme

Grammar Course

English is the world's most important language. It is the world's most widely used language spoken traditionally as a native language by nearly three hundred million people. It is the language being adopted by most countries for business purposes. It is, therefore, a language necessary for certain o

Author/Instructor: Dr. Dotun Jegede

Building Executive Skills

In the public policy arena, interest in brain development has recently focused on executive functioning skills that enable adults to secure work and perform, Learn how to build organizational skills

Author/Instructor: HYT Consulting

Business Report Writing

Business reports are one of the most effective ways to communicate in today's business world. In this lesson, you will learn How to Write a Business Report and What to do to avoid common Mistakes in Business English.

Author/Instructor: HYT Consulting

Managing Oneself for Peak Performance 2

In this lesson, we will be looking at effective communication skill and assertive skill.

Author/Instructor: HYT Consulting

Contract Management Skills

Here we will be looking at The Contract Management Process, Contract management tools, and Global Contracting Concepts and Principles

Author/Instructor: HYT Consulting

Negotiation and Influencing

Learn the Basic techniques of Influencing, introduction and approaches to Negotiation.

Author/Instructor: HYT Consulting